Case Study: San Marcos, CA

Website Redesign Reduces Page Count by 97% While Boosting Engagement and Satisfaction

City sees 370% increase in page views after dramatically reducing website content and focusing on
resident priorities.

A ten-year population boom and changing demographics in the City of San Marcos, in northern San Diego County, California, led City leaders to refresh their brand to better reflect a reshaped city. By 2015, however, that new brand and identity were sorely missing from the city's aging website.


Outdated design and a decentralized, inconsistent approach to content management had resulted in what San Marcos Communications Officer Sarah Macdonald described as "an information explosion" on the city's website. Some areas were current and others hadn't been touched in years.

Discover how San Marcos revamped their website and more than doubled their monthly visits while fostering more engagement with their residents and businesses.


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