Graphic Design

An effective website showcases the brand and identity of the organization it represents. What does yours say to your digital visitors?

Vision’s team of graphic designers will work with you to transform your website’s look and feel. More than simply creating pretty pictures, Vision’s data-driven process takes into account your brand, feedback from your community, and the expertise of our designers to ensure the best results.

“The website design process went much smoother than I could have predicted. Design for our committee can be complex. The justification that went into the "why" before we talked about the "what" made the case. The analytics, heat maps, research, etc. made it easy for us to approve the "what" - the designs.” – Ashley Downton, Communications Specialist

For agencies looking to create something truly unique, Vision offers the latest design approaches:

  • Parallax Scrolling
  • Video Backgrounds
  • Anchor Scrolling

Contact us to learn more about Vision’s design services.